Hezekiah Meakin

This photo is alegedly of Samuel Bennett, Hezekiah Meakin and Walter Meakin, although Walter and Samuel Bennett were not alive at the same time!
As the photo has been dated to the late 1870's/early 1880's, I suspect the young boy is Arthur Meakin (Hezekiah's eldest son) and the photo was taken in 1875/76.


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Where Notes Source Sure?
Birth 20/1/1845 y Bollington, Cheshire   Cert y
Marriage 31/8/1868 y St Mary's Church, Tissington, Derbyshire   Cert y
Death 29/12/1892 y Ancoats Hospital, Manchester Pneumonia, Exhaustion Cert y
Burial     Christchurch, Bradford, Manchester   Parish record (Man Cent. Library) y


Moving History









99 High Street, Bollington

Woodeaves, Derbyshire

to Manchester

61 Church St, Bradford, Manchester

34 Charles Street, Bradford, Manchester

11 Whyatt Street, Bradford, Manchester

Census 1861,1881,1891 (from Fred Meakin)


Spouse Emma Meakin (nee Allcock)
Father Step father Samuel Bennett
Mother Harriet Meakin (latterly Harriet Bennett)

Walter Meakin
Samuel Meakin
Arthur Meakin
Frederick Herbert Meakin
Herbert Meakin
John Meakin
Sarah Meakin
Eliza Meakin
Mary M. Meakin
Bertha Meakin
Thomas Meakin
Esther Meakin


Elizabeth Bennett (step)
Mary E. Bennet (step)



1. Cotton Piecer/Spinner (1861/1868)

2. Goods Guard (1881)

3. General Labourer (1888)

4. Corporation Labourer (1892)


Faked death to run off with a woman in Birmingham, but doesn't fit as we have the death cert - although he doesn't appear as deceased on his sons 1910 wedding cert!

Was killed between two railway carriages - claimed to be told to Walter Meakin by his mother.


Hezehioch Meekin (1881 census)


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