John Meakin

Pictured here with his bay daughter, Brenda

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Where Notes Source Sure?
Birth 28/9/1912 y 43 Benson St, Bradford, Manchester   cert y
Marriage 16/9/1933 y Christchurch, Bradford, Manchester Witnesses:
Arthur Frederick Leigh (Future B-i-L)
Doris Galley (Sister)
cert y
Death 31/12/1955 y in bed 27 Sarah Street, Bradford, Manchester Died suddenly of Coronary Artery Thrombosis due to coronary artery atheroma
Postmortem examinsation
Burial     Southern Cemetery, Manchester His small gravestone was replaced when he was joined by his wife, Nellie - as he died on New Years EVE, the stone mason misunderstood the date of death photo y


Moving History





43 Benson St, Bradford, Manchester

14 Thornbury St, Bradford, Manchester

39 Hope St, Bradford, Manchester

27 Sarah St, Bradford, Manchester


Spouse Nellie Meakin (nee Galley)
Father Walter Meakin
Mother Margaret Meakin (nee Tarlton)

John Meakin
Kenneth Meakin
Derek Meakin
Brenda Meakin


Fred Meakin
Margaret Meakin
Peter Meakin
Wilfred Meakin
Sarah Meakin
Leslie Meakin
Lilly Barker (nee Meakin)
Walter Meakin (x2)
Emma Meakin



1. Press Hand
2. Chemical Process Chargehand (death cert)

Notes Took great care of his appearance.
Very good at darts & dancing

Meakins & Galleys at wedding of John Meakin & Pauline Caffery John & Nellie Meakin with ? John Meakin second from left

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