Older Sharp Ancestors


John Sharp (c1752-1816) of Staffordshire and Cheshire is the oldest Sharp ancestor that I can prove is connected to our family. I have some theories about his ancestors and relations and these are detailed on this page. I hope to be able to confirm some of these theories in order to push the lineage of our Sharp line further back into history.

Known facts about John Sharp are as follows:

According to his gravestone in Astbury Church, Cheshire, he died on 13/8/1816 aged 64 years suggesting a birth year around 1752.

The earliest confirmed record we have of him is his marriage entry (dated 5/7/1808) in the parish records** of Horton Church in Staffordshire, he is described as a widower of that parish and he married Martha Cartlidge.

There is a baptism of their son, Jacob in 7/2/1808, also in the parish records of Horton Church**

His will* of 1816 mentions that (at least in later life) he was a farmer and living in Dog Lane (now Canal Street) in Congleton. He lists fields and other farming-related possessions as well as £700.


The Possible Cloud House Connection

In 2008, it came to light that there were 2 Sharps buried in the graveyard at Rushton Spencer, Staffs - although no gravestone has yet been discovered. According to the church register**:

John Sharp buried 29/9/1780 'of Cloud House'

Mary Sharp buried 7/5/1793 'of Endon' & 'widow of John Sharp late of Cloud House'

In addition, an Indenture* details a transaction in the parish of Rushton Spencer dated 1788. It lists various places and people, including:

'.......wherein John Sharp doth now inhabit and dwell situate and being in Cloudwood within the Township or Liberty of Rushton Spencer.......'

'.......All which said Lands and Premises are situate lying and being in Rushton Spencer aforesaid in the Parish of Leek in the said County of Stafford and were late in the tenure of Randle Oaks his Assigns or Undertenants but now of John Sharp or his - Undertenants Ans all that other messuage or Tenement with the Appertenances situate lying and being in Rushton Spencer aforesaid called Cloudwood wherein Randle Oaks lately did and John Sharp doth now inhabit and Dwell And all those several pieces and parcels of land meadow and pasture thereto belonging situate lying and being in Rushton Spencer....'

As the indenture is dated 1788, the John Sharp mentioned cannot be the same as the John Sharp buried at Rushton Spencer, but could possibly be our confirmed John.


The Possible Ipstones Connection

Looking through various records, but specifically the IGI, there is only one John Sharp listed as being born at roughly the right time and roughly the right area to be a candidate for our confirmed John. There was a John Sharp born 29/6/1752 in Ipstones, Staffs to a John Sharp (snr) and Mary Sharp. Other Sharp's that I think are of the same family are a John who died young (1748-?), Sarah (b1746), Hannah (b1749), Mary (b1755), Elizabeth (b1758) & Hester (b1762).

A marriage is recorded in Sheen Parish, Staffs (the place being more likely Hartington, Derbyshire) between a John Sharp and Mary Sherratt on 18/11/1745 and is a good candidate for our Ipstones family.

Ipstones is 9 miles from Horton and Sheen: View Google Map


Possible Connection to the Biddulph Sharp Families

5 miles from Horton and only 3 miles from Congleton, Biddulph was home to a number of related Sharps in the 18th & 19th Century. Being so close to our locations of interest, it is very possible that they are related to our Sharp family in some way. Some details of the oldest records are....

John Sharp (c1766-184?) married a Mary Stanway (c1771-1847) on 16/10/1794. Both are listed at 'Biddulph Moor' on the 1841 census. This Mary may have died in Congleton, although I haven't found her grave. A possible reference to this John Sharp is:

'John Sharp aged 83 years resident of Greenway Moor ( Biddulph Moor ) out Pensioner of the 20th Regiment of Foot died 12 December 1849'

Their children are possibly as follows:

Enoch Sharp (or Enock Sharpe) (1795-1854) married a Jane Bailey (1786-1872) married at Horton, Staffs on 14/12/1812. Children listed on IGI are: Ann, Hannah, Mary, Enoch, Josiah, Sarah

John Sharp/e (1811-1866) married Maria (c1816-?) and are listed on the 1851 census in 'Biddulph Moor'. Children listed on IGI are: Charlotte, Jane, John, Thomas, Hannah, Joane, Mary

Joseph Sharp baptised 1816 in Biddulph. I can't find any further records for this chap, although his mother Mary Sharp would have been approximately 45 years old at this point.

Accroding to dates alone, none of these John Sharps are candidates for our confirmed John, but could be one and the same as those at Cloud House.


* held in Chester Record Office
** held in Stafford Record Office

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